Sponsored Mode

Storyly’s new Sponsored Mode is designed to help you comply with the promotion transparency and accountability regulations by providing a clear and transparent disclosure for any Paid Partnership content displayed within your Stories.

This guide will walk you through the setup of Sponsored Mode, ensuring your end users are always informed when viewing sponsored content.



To use this feature, ensure that your app has the Storyly SDK version 3.2.0 for all platforms.

Once activated, a tag will appear at the top of the Story View. The full disclosure will be displayed in the bottom sheet when the user taps on this tag, as shown below.

To enable Sponsored Mode, use the Sponsored toggle on the right pane when creating or editing a Story Group.

Tag: A visible tag on Stories indicating a paid partnership.

Description: A detailed explanation that appears when users tap on the tag, informing them about the nature of the sponsorship.

If the Sponsored Mode is enabled for any Story Group, a small icon will appear on the Story Group card.