Creating Stories from Instagram Stories, Posts & Reels

How to create stories from Instagram with a single click?

In this guide, we'll be explaining how easy to import content from Instagram with the help of direct integration. Just with a single click, you can create Stories from your Instagram Business account in Storyly.



You need to have an Instagram Business account to use Storyly <> Instagram integration.

Adding Instagram account to Storyly

1. Let's start with the Instagram integration on the Storyly Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Social Media Accounts.

In this page, please click on + New Social Media Account button.

2. On the right pane, you'll see Continue to Login, tap on that to continue.

3. Then, you'll be forwarded to the Facebook login screen. Enter your credentials and make sure that you've given all the requested permissions at the next screen.

After completing the connection of your Instagram account on Storyly, you can easily import your Instagram content as stories to Storyly with a single click!

Importing content from Instagram in Storyly Studio

1. First things first, select the Story Group you want to import content to and navigate to the Studio.

In the Studio, you'll find the Apps section on the left pane and Instagram under that section.

2. Once you click on Instagram, you'll see the following options on the righ pane which are:

  • Import Stories
  • Import Posts
  • Import Reels

3. After deciding and clicking on the content type that you'd like to import, you'll see the list of contents. You can select the content that you'd like to import by click on them and you'll see the checkbox is checked as you choose. Afterward, click on Continue.

4. At the next step, you'll have 2 options as the import style:

  • Instagram widget: If selected, the content will be imported with a repost widget similar to what Instagram uses. Once the end user clicks on the widget, they'll be redirected to the Instagram to that particular story, post or reel.
  • Background media: If selected, the content will be imported as the background media, so that you can make it full screen, if you wish.

5. Below, you can see how the same post is imported as Instagram widget and as Background media side by side respectively.

6. If you choose to import as Instagram widget and click on the imported post in Storyly Studio, you'll see the URL of the post as the CTA URL. So, if you'd like to redirect your users to somewhere else, you can edit the URL.

In addition, you'll have an option to make the Like count visible or not.

7. If you choose to import as Background media, you'll have the all available sizing and positioning options just like any other background media.

You can easily import all of your Instagram content including Stories, Posts and Reels as mentioned above. The same steps apply to all content types.