Creating the Best Story Creative

How to create the most optimal story creative?

Unlock the full potential of your Stories! Check out these essential guidelines for achieving the perfect fit and stunning visuals.

  • Your Stories should be at the size of 1080 x 2160 or 1080 x 2400.
  • Best performing aspect ratios are 9:18 and 9:20.

Safe Zone


Always consider the safe zone while creating your content. If you are willing to create the best experience, always put your content inside the safe zone so, no matter which device your users are on, they’ll see the content you’ve created perfectly.

Swipe-up CTAs are special, they are always fixed at the bottom of the image, and they’ll be on the bottom no matter what the size of the devices.

So, what can you do to create the perfect Story?

  • Use an image with the size 1080 x 2160 or 1080 x 2400
  • Align your content like texts, main image, and interactives inside the safe zone
  • Suggested sizes for Story Group Covers are 400 x 400px or 500 x 500px

Fit / Fill Options

Storyly Studio offers Fit/Fill options.



The Fit/Fill options are available with Storyly SDK version 2.10.0 and above.

We are willing to show Stories to your end user in the best way, no matter which phones they have. The default behavior is the Fit option.

If you don't change any settings on the Studio the Stories will be aligned to top with the Fit option, which means on smaller devices, the bottom part of your content won’t be showing up.


You can edit the Position setting to Fit media on edges or in the center of the Story canvas.

You can change the option to Fill. With the Fill option, your Story will be shown like shown below.

You can edit the Position setting to Fill media on edges or in the center of the Story canvas.



However, you should know that there are small visual losses in this process. You should make your designs with this in mind.

Preview for Different Screen Rations on Studio



Before saving your content on the Dashboard always check for other preview options from top center.


Once you’ve checked all of the 3 important checkpoints above, your users will experience Stories in the perfect way.

Dominant Color

If you don't like the dominant color on long devices, you can set the Fill option as a sizing and you can set the Center option as a position as shown below.

You can see the differences between the dominant color and selected Fill and Center options as shown below.