Conversion Attribution & Tracking

We've just rolled out enhanced conversion tracking and attribution on the Storyly Dashboard! Now, you can easily see how Storyly contributes to your overall revenue and get a crystal-clear view of its impact on your business.

You can send all your conversion events and track both view-through and click-through Storyly attributions. What does that mean? Well, view-through attribution lets you see users who convert after watching your Stories, while click-through attribution tracks those conversions that happen from CTA clicks.

Check out the guide below to learn how to send conversion events and measure the performance of your Stories. These conversions can include any valuable customer activities, such as subscriptions, add-to-carts, and purchases. Plus, you can send multiple event types if you'd like to!

Ready to dive in?



You have to have Custom Parameter setup while integrating the Storyly SDK.

By default, Storyly SDK doesn't have access to user IDs. To track your users, please use the Custom Parameter structure on the SDK side to pass an identifier (hashed or masked as you prefer), allowing you to sync your users accross.

For Custom Parameter setup, you can check the recipe given below and share it with your Dev Team.

Whenever there is a conversion event, you may pass the event by making a POST request to the below endpoint{STORYLY_WIDGET_TOKEN}



Please make sure you are using the correct Storyly Widget Token which can be found under Settings > Account Settings > Apps & Websites.

with the below JSON body.

    "type": "purchase",
    "value": 10,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "custom_parameter": "VALUE_USED_DURING_INITIALIZATION",
    "transaction_id": "543221",
    "tax": 4.90,
    "shipping": 5.99,
    "products": [
            "id": "33093241110628",
            "price": 5.0,
            "quantity": 2



Following parameters should be sent with all conversion events: type, value, currency, custom_parameter and products.

The rest of the parameters are not mandotory.



  • You need to pass the same value for Custom Parameter during SDK initialization and while sending conversion events.
  • Please make sure that you're using the same Product ID that is also available in your Product Feed.

Conversion attribution is based on these two parameters.


Attribution Window

The default attribution window for both view-through and click-through is 6 hours. However, this can be changed on demand, depending on the needs of the Storyly customer.

Once you've set up conversion tracking, a new section will pop up on your Storyly Dashboard! You'll start seeing just how much Storyly is affecting your revenue! 🚀💰