Creating a Story Group from Scratch

How to create a Story Group from scratch?

A Story Group, in a nutshell, is a collection of Stories. After adding an app, you can add a Story Group and fill it with Stories.

  1. Go to the Content and click the + New Story Group button at the top left.
  1. Then, click on Create from Scratch to create the Story Group.
  1. Here, you will see several different options for the Story Group.

    • You need to Upload a Cover Image for the Story Group. Your users will see the cover as the clickable entry point to Stories.
    • You need to add a Story Group Title which will be the title of the clickable entry point to Stories.
    • Under the Audience section, you can target different user segments by using either Labels or Audience structures. (Detailed explanation can be found in the related documents.)
    • Storyly provides you flexibility with the timing of your Story Group. Your stories don't have to disappear after 24 hours, if you don't set a specific end time, they'll be there forever. You can adjust the Start and End Dates under Schedule.
    • You can play with the Style of your Story Group cover, by changing border colors and adding a text or countdown badge.

Once you hit Create, you'll be creating Stories in the Studio afterward.