Client-Side Automated Shoppable Stories

While creating Shoppable Stories, there's a new option; Create using mobile data. With this functionality, you can now create dynamic, shoppable Stories tailored for your users without needing to upload a feed to the Storyly Dashboard.



To use this feature, ensure that your app has the Storyly SDK version 2.7.0 for native platforms and version 2.6.0 for cross-platforms.

You can now leverage mobile data to craft highly personalized, interactive content. Let's dive into it:

1. On the Content page, you may click on the + New Story Group button at the top right, and select the Create Shoppable Stories from the right pane.

2. You'll select the Create using mobile data option and be asked to give a Client ID for the Story Group. This is just for your developers to differentiate one Story Group from another.

For example, by using this ID, if you create 2 different Story Groups, one for Skirts and one for Shoes, you can assign different IDs per each Group and let your developer know about it. So that they can pass the relevant product data to the Story Group.

3. At the next step, there are ready-to-use template sets that you can choose among. Depending on your use case, you can select one of these and hit Continue.

4. After selecting the template, you can change the text for CTAs, and select brand primary and secondary colors. Templates will be created with your brand's primary and secondary colors. In some templates, the dominant color of the listed item can also be used as well.

5. Last, you'll be asked to Upload a Cover Image, give a Title to your Story Group and you're ready to go live!

If you wish, you can also configure other settings such as Audience, Schedule, and Style at the last step.

6. If you go into this Story Group detail page on the Dashboard, you'll see the following screen, since templates are going to be filled on the client-side.



Please ensure you've followed all the necessary steps for Client-Side Automation while integrating the SDK.

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