Syncing Instagram Stories with Storyly

How to create a Story Group with your Instagram stories?

If you're sharing daily Stories on your Instagram account, you can create a Story Group with those Stories and keep the content sync on your app as well.

Adding Instagram account to Storyly

1. Let's start with the Instagram integration on the Storyly Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Social Media Accounts.

In this page, please click on + New Social Media Account button.

2. On the right pane, you'll see Continue to Login, tap on that to continue.

3. Then, you'll be forwarded to the Facebook login screen. Enter your credentials and make sure that you've given all the requested permissions at the next screen.

After completing the connection of your Instagram account on Storyly, you can easily import your Instagram Stories to Storyly with a single click and keep them synced daily!

Creating an Instagram Story Group

1. While creating a new Story Group, you can see the Import from Instagram on the right pane.

2. After clicking on the Import from Instagram, you'll have the Auto-sync Daily Stories option.

With this option, Storyly will import your stories from Instagram into this Story Group automatically on a daily basis.



If you select other options, you'll be redirected to the Storyly Studio after filling out the necessary fields for Story Group creation. For those alternative flows, you can check this guide.

3. At the last step, if you have multiple accounts connected to your Storyly Dashboard, you'll be able to select the account that you'd like to sync. In addition, you can see the available Stories that will be imported.

4. Once you hit Next, you'll be asked to complete regular Story Group creation steps such as defining the title and cover image. After filling out the necessary fields, you're ready to go live 🎉 Your Stories will be keep in sync across Instagram and Storyly.

Important Notes

  • Once your Stories are gone from your Instagram account, those Stories will be gone on Storyly
    Story Group too.
  • Storyly will sync your Instagram Stories in every 24 hours.
  • You can manually sync your group by clicking the action button of the selected group and click
    Sync Now.