How-to Guides

These articles will help you to use and understand our beloved features and Storyly.

Getting Started

Adding Your App & Website to Storyly
How to add an app or website to dashboard?
Finding Your App & Website Tokens to Start the Integration Process
How to find your app or website tokens on dashboard?
Creating Moments Instance & Getting Tokens to Start the Integration Process
How to add Moments Instance? How to find Moment tokens on dashboard?
Guide to Create the Best Story Creative
How to create most optimal story creative?
Using Customizable Design Elements on Story Groups & Stories
How to use customizable design elements of Storyly?
Using Storyly Mobile Dashboard App
How to use Storyly's mobile dashboard app?
Creating a Story Group from Scratch
How to create a story group from scracth?
Creating Blank, Image or Video Story in Storyly | Studio
How to create blank, image or video story from scratch?
Creating Stories Using Canva
How to create perfect with Canva on Studio?
Actions on Stories You Can Take on Storyly | Studio
How to delete, order, set start end time and take many more actions in Storyly Studio?
Importing Stories from Other Apps & Websites
How to import already made story groups from other apps & websites?
Useful Actions on Stories & Story Groups
How to delete, order or change status of your stories and story groups?
Discovering Story & Story Group Analytics
How to find and get meaning out of Storyly metrics?
Using Labels to Distribute Your Stories to Right Audience
How to use labels on your Story Groups?
Setting Up Your Team
How to set up your team on Storyly?
Setting Up a Two-Step Verification
How to set up a two-step verification on Storyly?
Adding a New Instance for Your App
How to add a new instance to an app?
Preview Your Web & In-App Stories
How to preview your stories?
Using CTAs in Stories
How to use CTAs in stories?

Advanced Features

Create Audiences from the Outcome of Interactive Components
How to create audiences with using interaction data?
Making Storyly Accessible for Everyone
How to use accessibility features of Storyly?
Adding User Properties to Create Personalized Story Groups and Stories
How to use user properties on your stories and story groups?
Filling User Properties with Audiences for Personalized Stories
How to match User Properties with the Audiences?
Syncing Content between Apps & Websites
How to sync your stories between apps/websites?
Sending Storyly Analytics to 3rd Party Analytics Platform
How to send Storyly analytics to 3rd party analytics platform?
Automating Product Tags from Product Feeds
How to automate your product tags using product feeds?
Creating a Story Group with Your Instagram Stories
How to create a story group with your Instagram stories?
Creating Stories from Instagram
How to create stories from Instagram with a single click?
Using Template Studio & Data Source Management for Automated Feed Stories
How to use template studio and add data sources?
Connect your Braze Audiences with Storyly
How to integrate Storyly and Braze to use your audiences?
Monetization with Stories
How to programmatically monetize your stories?
Using External Data & Audiences to Create Personalized Stories
How to use external data and audiences create personalized stories?
Adding an Interactive Video from Dashboard
How to add an interactive video as a story group?
Having Custom Audience for Story Groups
How to add custom audience to your story groups?
Adding Interactive Components and Using Storyly Studio
How to use Storyly Studio?
Activating Sharable Stories in Storyly
How to activate and use sharable stories?
Setting Up a Custom URL Scheme and Finding Deep Links for Stories
How to find your stories' and story group's deep links?
Setting Up Google SAML for Storyly
How to set Google SAML SSO on Storyly?
Using Microsoft SSO for Storyly Sign In
How to use Microsoft SSO to Sign In?
Comprehensive Guide on Having Stories on Your Shopify Website
How to connect your Shopify store with Storyly?
Using Bottom Sheet with Storyly
How to use bottom sheet with Storyly?
Using Okta for Storyly Sign In
How to use Okta SSO to Sign In?
CleverTap Amazon EventBridge Setup
How to do Amazon EventBridge Setup on CleverTap for Storyly integration?
Connecting CleverTap Audiences with Storyly
How to use CleverTap and Storyly integration?
Exporting Audiences to MoEngage
How to send audiences to MoEngage?
Importing Audiences from MoEngage
How to import MoEngage audiences to Storyly?
Embed Storyly Stories
How to embed Storyly Stories on Web?
Inbox Stories
How to use Inbox Story?