Sending Storyly Analytics to 3rd Party Analytics Platform

Storyly analytics dashboard is the place where you can view important engagement metrics regarding how your users are interacting with your stories. We designed it to present rich insights in the most digestible way.

You can bring story metrics to any analytics tool you are already using. Storyly SDK provides methods for tracking story group, story and interaction events. Data from these methods can be sent to your analytics tool. Below you can see the list of events that you can fire.


Integrating Storyly with your 3rd party analytics tools will enable you to gain a holistic view of Storyly engagement metrics and their link to diverse in-app user actions. Mobile app teams from various verticals can use 3rd party analytics integration for following use cases:

  • For shopping apps, you can create funnels including stories and track conversion rate and value of users who clicked through stories. This will allow you to understand which type of content/promotion/product drives greater value.
  • If you are a subscription-based app, you can track free-to-paid conversion rate of users who spent time in stories.
  • You can direct your users to core in-app actions, analyze feature activation rate, and see if you need to fine-tune your onboarding messaging.
  • As you will be able to fire interactive events you can track the impact of interactions inside your app. For example, if users complete certain interactive events you can fine-tune your content strategy accordingly.
  • You can compare whether certain stories ensure higher session times so that you can optimize your content.

The impact of stories will be much more insightful when you measure their outcomes like add-to-cart, purchase, subscribe, and much more. Just update your SDK version to start analyzing story engagement in the context of your other user and in-app events data.


To be able to send your date to own analytics tool, you need help on integrating. Find the recipe below for an example integration.