Using Storyly Mobile Dashboard App

The key benefit of our mobile app will be a lifesaver on urgency situations. There can be times that you can’t reach to your computer but you can easily save the day with your phone.

Also, this app will enable you to upload your stories way easier when the content is already on your phone, maybe a video or an image you just took is the right story to share.


The mobile app does not support new sign ups, however, you can use every sign in method to use the app. You can use;

  • Regular sign in
  • Google sign in
  • Linkedin sign in
  • Apple sign in

On our mobile dashboard experience, we are bringing several useful and simple functionalities. Briefly explaining;

  • You can see all your apps, story groups and stories
  • You can have multiple actions on stories & story groups
  • You can create new stories
  • You can track useful metrics on a selected time period

Let's deep dive and see how to use it.

How to order your stories and story groups & change statuses on mobile app?

You have the ability to easily arrange your story groups and stories while changing the statuses, and, it is so easy.


You can use the button right next to your story groups and stories to;

  • Change status
  • Order
  • Pin & Unpin (for story groups)

How to create new stories, story groups and add new stories to existing groups?

Creating stories from your phone is really simple with our mobile dashboard app. The only tricky part here is the reverse scenario when you compared to your usual dashboard experience.


You can easily take photos or videos and create stories out of them or just chose the story you wanted to create from your gallery.

On image & video stories, right now you can add swipe up call-to-action to your content. Don't worry, we'll apply more studio features to our mobile dashboard!


Just like on Storyly web dashboard, we are giving you the opportunity to crop your video stories before splitting them into sequential stories.


Once you've created your stories, there is two ways. Either you can add selected stories to an existing story group or you can create a new group from your phone just like on Storyly dashboard.

How to create interactive video stories?

You can create long form interactive videos from your mobile app as well.


Interactive videos can't be cropped or added to an existing story group. Interactive video story groups are individual. You can add your video from mobile dashboard app and go to web dashboard to make your content interactive on Storyly Studio.

Simple overview analytics and metrics on your phone


You can track your;

  • Daily active user/pageview
  • Reach
  • Impression
  • Click

metrics with a selected time period on your mobile app. Also, if you scroll down little on the Overview page, you can see your overall top performing 5 story groups with respect to reach metrics.

You can find Storyly mobile dashboard app on:

App Store
Google Play Store