Adding an Interactive Video from Dashboard

Interactive Video is a premium feature of Storyly that provides streaming videos which can be up to 30 minutes and minimum of 2 minutes within a single story. The interactive aspect comes from the fact that you would be able to add multiple interactive components and/or CTA elements to any section within the video.

With interactive videos, you can stream your recorded videos which can be uploaded through either the Storyly dashboard or Storyly Creator app. To use the IVoD feature of Storyly on your app, you have to update your SDK to the latest version, which is 1.9.0 for this feature.

Creating IVoD Through Dashboard


On your dashboard can click on the New Story Group button on the right side and select Create Interactive Video.

Interactive video creation process is a two step process: First you are required to add a story group cover image, name your group and arrange additional optional settings which is basically just like adding any other story group. On the second step, you just need to upload your video to the dashboard.


Right after these 2 steps are completed, we’ll process your video and create your group. Just keep in mind that the time to process your video may vary depending on the size and length of your video.

Making the Video Interactive : Storyly Creative Studio


You can add any interactive component to any section of the video from Storyly Studio. For interactive video on demand contents, you can add as many as interactives to your video!

You can use seek bar to navigate your video and click any preferred interactive component to add. You can also just add the component where you want to and change the time stamps from the interactive list right next to your video.

Those interactives have specific and unique analytics for you to check whenever you like.

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